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We all have tales of Love: lost; unrequited, passionate, sad, joyful,bitter or budding. Described as: “Very lyrical”, “Heart on sleeve work”. “I can really relate to that!” “Beautiful” and “A verbal artist” my favourite though is “What are you trying to say?!”.

Meet the Author

Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens is a poet, writer, and author of the new poetry book A Maze of Reason.

As a poet and writer, Richard believes that the beauty of poems is that they take on lives of their own, and as readers, we safely invest excitedly, soberly, reflectively, critically and subjectively, in each short tale, on a private, inner level or from a social, debating the perspective.

Richard has been a lifelong writer and first began crafting poems since his high school. As a Christian, he firmly believes in people expressing themselves in all aspects of love.

Richard lives and works in London, United Kingdom, and spends his leisure time with his family.

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I have found that the expression, through the gift and vehicle of poetry, to be extremely cathartic, therapeutic, challenging, interesting and fun. My poems have helped. I have found, many to find their voice, meaning, empathy and many a conversation piece for sisters and brothers.

Richard Stevens

“A Maze of Reason’ is for those whose hearts need uplifting. This poetry book will help you if you are experiencing loneliness, depression, anxiety, loneliness and requires healing, hope, love, inner strength, personal transformation and happiness.”

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Tales of love, passion, lost, joy, forgiveness............